Teepee sleepover party

We believe in remaining young at heart for as long as possible.


We treasure the sense of wonder that comes from being open to all the unconstrained workings of your imagination.


We build a world where little people can live as pure, happy, wild, and free as possible.


We help your child escape to their very own Neverland.

Handcrafted with love 

Each Milky Moon teepee was handcrafted by owner Alisha Hieb. Ensuring the safety of each child was the top priority when crafting these adorable hideaways. From the seam lines to the curved edges, everything was carefully thought out to craft the perfect children's teepees.

"I've always been passionate when it comes

to celebrations. Gathering together with loved ones and friends to connect is such a beautiful thing and it's starting to feel like a thing of the past, especially for young people. Milky Moon was inspired by the desire to keep the connection alive and create a magical world where kids can just be kids."

- Alisha Hieb